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Sponsorship Program - Q1, Q2, Q3

Our sponsorshop program was initially intended to chose riders at the beginning of 2017, and not accept any more for the rest of the year. However, with the huge support of the mx community, our rise in brand awareness, and continued success, we have decided it would only be appropiate to add more riders throughout the year to our program.

The rules and requirements for submission will stay the same as they have been. For more information click here: Rider Support - Sponsorship for 2017

If you have already submitted an application and would like to be re-considered for acceptance batch Q1, Q2, or Q3 please re-submit an application to vlastapparel@gmail.com.

Riders accepted in batch: Q1 (March 30) Q2 (June 30) and Q3 (September 30) will be an official VlastMX sponsored rider until year end (December 31). 

Thanks to everyone that have supported us throughout this journey. We're just getting started!

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