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Rider Support - Sponsorship for 2017

Rider Support Sponsorship

After launching in the summer of 2016, we have received countless requests for rider support, and we are pleased to announce that we are now accepting resumes for the 2017 year.  VlastMX/Vlast Apparel was envisioned as a clothing brand that would combat cringy, unwearable t-shirts, often found in advertisements on Facebook and other social media.  With amazing support of the community, we are in a position to move a step further as a company.  We are excited to announce we are finally able to provide rider support. 


We have the opportunity to provide varying levels of support to our riders, regardless of skill level or age.  We are looking for active racers (do not have to complete a full season) that will represent our brand both on and off the track by working hard, conducting professional mannerisms, and positively promoting our name.  Those who are chosen for sponsorship will be expected to: promote the brand via word of mouth and social media, run decals/stickers on their bike/gear, provide general information about race results and grade point averages (if still in school), and contribute high quality pictures for both your, and our social media promotion.


Our riders will receive at least two free items of clothing to begin with, as well as stickers/decals to represent sponsorship.  The riders will also receive varying percentage discount codes for further support including family and friends.  Personalized clothing may be an option down the road as well.  This is a base level of support that can increase at our discretion.  We will keep in regular contact with our riders as we are looking forward to promoting not only our brand and the sport, but also providing as much as we can for the person on the bike.


Submit your resume via email to VlastApparel@gmail.com.  We expect to receive a resume, cover letter, and photos attached to the email.  You will hear from us within a short time confirming submission, and riders will be chosen sometime in early 2017.

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